AGILIS Core Insurance is an integrated comprehensive solution for insurance companies covering the entire business cycle from underwriting and claim management to reinsurance and accounting. With a set of powerful tools this solution is aimed to enhance insurance business processes and other aspects of an Insurance company that directly consequents to higher profitability.
General Features of the system:
  • Single integrated platform and environment for all classes and types of general insurance products
  • Flexible modular structure that allows for effective integration of all the divisions under unified business process
  • Fast, simple and flexible creation of new insurance products thanks to parameterized approach to configuration, that helps reducing time-to-market and expand the spectrum of offerings
  • Well-defined workflow covering all the steps of insurance business, from underwriting to claim management, reinsurance and accounting and helping to quicken the underwriting decisions
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support with consolidated financial information on multi-currency transactions
  • Customer-centric approach providing single view of the customer profile.
  • Effective management of various distribution channels. Web-portals allow sales through multiple channels, be it agents, brokers, motor showroom or traffic patrol post.
  • Great choice of pre-configured reports, including MIS, and freedom to create any report to meet regulatory or internal auditing standards 

Agilis Non-LifeAGILIS General Insurance supports all major lines of general insurance business. Employing parametric approach to all the major system procedures and rules, it gives the freedom to create and launch new products at a very short span of time. All the underwriting guidelines as well as rating and commission set-up in AGILIS is completely user-definable, which significantly reduces user dependency on IT. 

All the operational modules of the system (New Business, Underwriting, Claims, Reinsurance) are seamlessly integrated with Accounts, which means - automatic posting of all the entries online, significant reduction in human error, correct reporting and easy automatic reconciliation of Accounts.