AGILIS Life Insurance System is a comprehensive core solution for life insurance companies dealing with individual life products, as well as Group and Pensions.

AGILIS Life supports a wide range of Individual and Group Life Insurance products, such as:

  • Pure term products
  • Whole life products
  • Endowment products
  • Unit linked products
  • Universal life products
  • Waiver of premium riders
  • Health riders
  • Critical illness riders
  • Accident benefit riders
  • Income protection riders
The system covers a wide range of daily operations and processes of a life insurance company:Agilis Life Insurance
  • Product Configuration – creation of new products by business users with minimal or no intervention from the IT team or IT vendor
  • Channel Management & Commissions which works closely with new business, products, premium management and policy endorsements to service the channel members effectively
  • New Business – from sales illustration to
  • Underwriting – both automated and manual with definition of complex underwriting rules
  • Premium Management
  • Policy Endorsements/ Alterations – both financial and non-financial initiated through various channels
  • Benefit Payments Management – flexibility in defining various benefit parameters, such as events, verification rules, etc.
  • Reassurance Management with all types of arrangements supported
  • Month End Processing
  • Management InformationAgilis Life
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Risk & Compliance
Group Life Insurance supports a wide variety of operations and processes:
  • Group Definition
  • Master Policy Definition for Group business
  • Headcount Setup for Group business
  • Schemes Definition and linking to groups.
  • Product and Plan Definition under Schemes for group
  • Billing Account Definition for group
  • Benefit Definition at Scheme Plan level for group
  • Scheme Cloning and Product Cloning across group
  • Group Rule Definition
  • Single Policy Family Cover for group policy
  • Provider Rebate for group policies