Agilis Universal Microfinance Solution (UMFS) – is a user friendly, web based financial platform designed to cater end-to-end needs of a Microfinance Institution which includes group/ individual customer information management, shares and savings management, loans and deposits, transaction processing and financial accounting.


General Features:

  • Built on a component based architecture which gives Microfinance Institutions the flexibility to change dynamically with changingAgilis Universal Microfinance Solution requirements
  • Comprehensive Customer Information Management system captures exhaustive information and provides 360 degree view of customers across all accounts and the financial dealings with the institution
  • Creation and management of savings and deposit products with incredible flexibility helps reduce time to market and expand spectrum of offerings
  • Designed to process different types of lending portfolios like group/ individual loans, housing loan, mortgage loan, small business loans, etc.
  • Work flow based portfolio management system allows Microfinance Institutions to manage the complete cycle of solidarity group and individual lending portfolios from origination, disbursement, collection and recovery
  • Centralized transaction processing module handles data capture of all debit and credit transactions and automatically maintains general ledger entries based on user defined parameters
  • Straight through processing ensures real-time processing and settlement of transactions
  • Built-in report generator provides Microfinance Institutions with information for operational control, management control and strategic planning
  • Complies CGAP standards
  • Intuitive front end integrated on-line to mobile / handheld devices with smart cards/ bio-metric authentication makes it a powerful solution for use in geographically dispersed and remote field operations

Agilis Universal Microfinance Solution

Agilis Universal Microfinance Solution (UMFS) is ideal for Small, mid-sized and larger Microfinance Institutions, Micro Banks, Co-operative Banks and Credit Unions.


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