Branchless Banking

In tough market conditions, Banks and Financial Institutions have realized the need for innovative and improved services to gain customer loyalty. Hence how quickly and smoothly the organisation can deliver services to its customers in a highly secured manner at their door step is the main differentiator in the market space.

Agilis Doorstep Banking Solution when integrated with the organization’s central server will enable extending services to a customers’ doorstep. Agilis Doorstep Banking is real time banking extended through handheld / Mobile devices to the customers’ door steps. It brings the potential to extend the branch operations to a large number of individuals in remote areas.

The solution meets the requirements of the industry and vision of introducing “Door Step Banking” and also builds a high level of confidence with customers by enabling the field staff to provide e-statements at the customer door step. Multi level authentication built into the process reduce the likelihood of fraud by the customers or field agents.

Agilis Doorstep Banking

The Broader spectrum of services includes:

  • Mobile ATM/ Teller Module/Pigmy Deposit collections / Financial Inclusion
  • Loan Disbursement and Loan Collection Tool for Non Banking Financial Companies
  • Field Officer’s Tool for Micro Finance/ Self Help Group (SHG) Operations
  • Government Disbursement Schemes

Agilis Mobile Branch

General Features

  • Operation at customer’s door step for  the following banking services
    • Pigmy Deposit collection
    • Loan Disbursements and collections
    • Teller Module operations
    • Micro Finance Operations
    • Recovery Operations
    • Extension Counters
    • Utility Bill Payments
    • Benefit Disbursements
  • Data is captured at the field level and at the origination
  • Data capturing using Manual forms is avoided
  • Data Redundancy is avoided
  • Two-way Integration with Back End Systems will ensure instant updating of transactions
  • Smart Card based e-Passbook (Optional)
    • Customer Name, Address and Account ID are stored in a Read only mode
    • Account Balance is updated and stored in the smartcard post every
  • Remote Mobile User & Device Administration
  • Interface to CBS / Back end systems
    • Through ISO8583 message formats with ATM Switch
    • Customized Interface Adaptors
  • Administrative Portal for managing the field activities and devices
  • Audit Log of Transactions
  • Connectivity
    • GPRS/ CDMA/ WiFi/ Dialup/ LAN 10base-2
    • Serial/ Ethernet / USB Ports
  • Security
    • HTTPS/ SSH/ L2TP Protocol
    • Data Encryption through 3DES Algorithm