AGILIS Loan Origination System (LOS) is a user friendly, web based and workflow driven loan processing solution that allows banks and financial institutions to manage the complete cycle of retail and corporate products, from application initiation through approval, contract till disbursement.

Agilis Loan Origination

General Features:

  • The user definable and flexible workflow architecture of Agilis LOS organizes the different work steps of all retail and corporate agilis_los2lending processes into manageable units and provides banks and financial institutions with increased operational control and productivity
  • Integrated workflow management tools and the Decision Engine ensure that all necessary data is recorded and tracked at every stage and allow the workflow process to be controlled by business rules
  • Flexibility of workflow configuration ensures faster launch of new products and instant modification of existing product workflows without the expense of writing code
  • The e-form configurator of Agilis LOS facilitates banks and financial institutions to create customized loan application form, credit analysis work sheet, financial appraisal form, document check list, etc., using WYSIWYG tools
  • On-line, real-time interfaces with internal and external credit bureau engines provide instant and up-to-date information on customer's credit risk exposures
  • Centralized document and collateral management system provides easy access to information which in turn improves processing time of the loan application with reduced errors
  • Straight through processing abilities enhances reduction in turnaround time, increasing output and enabling speedy completion of approval tasks
  • Automatic generation of loan sanction order, contract and repayment schedules simplifies loan contract execution
  • Application details and status enquiry across multiple channels including Web, Mail and SMS provides real time information to customers on status of their application
  • The ease of product and process configuration enables banks and financial institutions to quickly and decisively react to the market trends.
  • Agilis LOS is an easy to integrate solution built on a robust and flexible three tier browser based architecture. It is deployed in a centralized environment with technologically independent Presentation, Application and Database layers making the architecture highly scalable.
  • The flexibility and expandability of Agilis LOS makes it a comprehensive solution for the ever changing retail and corporate lending businesses

Agilis LOS is ideal for Banks and Financial Institutions offering retail products like Personal Loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Auto Loan, Education Loan, etc and corporate products like Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Trade Finance, Equipment Finance, Subsidized Loans, Loans against Receivables, etc.,

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