Loan Management

Agilis Loan Management (LMS) is a centralized Loan management platform designed to help financial institutions to meet the dynamically changing Business requirements and to manage stiff competition, reduced margins, larger volumes and increased customer expectations effectively. With Agilis LMS, banks can avail 24X7 processing of large transactions with the highest levels of availability. It has multiple delivery channel support to reach new customers and market segments. Being web enabled and centrally hosted it can be accessed anywhere with a browser facilitating the customers to perform Any Branch Banking.

Agilis Loan Management

General Features:
Customer Information Management

  • Provides a comprehensive solution to leverage customer information through Enterprise Customer Master
  • 360 degree view of a customer profiles and Information record improve customer service levels and generate cross selling opportunities
  • "Know Your Customer (KYC)" norms made easy

Product and Business Process Management

  • Inbuilt Product Configurator offers the ability to create and manage Loan and Advance products and accounts with incredible flexibility
  • Easy user-definable parameter settings like interest rate structures, fees, commissions, etc
  • With the core of Agilis LMS it is easy to view accounts, security/ collateral register and payment schedules which greatly assists the bank through all stages of a loan, from application and credit granting to payment processing, risk management and P/L analysis
  • Combination of flexible interest and draw-down conditions ensures banks to offer customers with tailor-made credit facilities and superior customer service

Transaction Process

  • 24x7 Availability and can handle high volume transactions
  • User-friendly, Browser based Interface with context sensitive Help
  • Online Posting with Automated Exception processing, online validations and controls through Pro Active Alerts and Messages
  • Integrated Work Flow supporting Multi Level Approvals
  • Remarkable Turn-around time at teller counters
  • Smart Processing resulting in reduced time for end of day and other periodical processes

Reporting Engine

  • Standard Operational reports and Statutory Reports for Regulatory requirements
  • Online Management Information including Segment level profitability reporting with Drill down option for pro active Decision Making
  • Reconciliation reports across Modules, Channels and Segments


  • Three Tier Browser Based front end Architecture
  • Component Based Functional Architecture
  • Ajax technology implemented for the Front end user layer
  • Separate Security Gates / Layer with advanced Authentication for External and Internal Users

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