AGILIS Channel Management is a unique set of tools that allow companies to diversify their distribution network and improve sales across various customer segments.

Agilis allows creating various types of channels within the system with the complex commission and incentives structure.

  • Agents:
    • Manage Customer Profileschannels
    • Tracking of Commission
    • Track Year to Date Performance 
    • Issuing Quotations and Cover Notes
  • Brokers:
    • Manage Customer Profiles
    • Tracking of Commission
    • Track Year to Date Performance 
    • Issuing Quotations and Cover Notes
    • Special screens for Marine and Fire Declarations
    • Posting online Slips and getting quotations
  • Third Party Administrators(TPA):
    • Tracking Member Eligibility
    • Authorization
    • Claim file upload 
    • Billing Statement and Status
    • Sending all the documents necessary for consideration of claims, along with bills to the insurer
  • Customer Self Service:
    • Request for New Quotation 
    • Tracking Policy Status
    • Online Premium Payment
    • Claim Intimations
    • Information about receipts and payments
    • Policy statistics
    • Renewal Information 
    • Claims tracking
    • Modification of Customer Profile
    • Fund Switching features for life policies
    • Installment Schedules
  • Web Services:
    • Integration with Ticketing Websites for automatic issuance of policies 
    • Integration with Third-party applications
  • Bancassurance:
    • Web Portals for bank branches to cross sell insurance products
    • Straight through integration with Core Insurance systems
    • Commission Tracking
    • Maintain details of the relevant banking products (Mortgage , Credit Card, Car loan etc)
    • User friendly screens simplified for use by banking personnel

Channel-specific login is provided to the users to ensure adherence to the portals and information integrity.

Agilis Portal is designed to support customer service business processes in the remote points of sale and allows to:

  • Ensure high-standard services and extended reach to the prospects and customers.
  • Provide points of sale with a centralized web-access to the company information resources.
  • Reduce TAT for processing insurance quotes and policies sourced through various sales channels
  • Allow customer’s access to self-service portals, thus ensuring better connection with the clientele

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