Financial Planning

Agilis Financial Planning is an easy-to-use application that helps you analyse and plan your client’s finances in the present and for the future. The comprehensive application provides integrated financial planning related to:

  • Work & Income
  • Pension & Retirement
  • Mortgage & Real Estate
  • Savings & Investments
  • Loan & Credit

Analysis of the client’s present finances and future aspirations is done using the Figlo Hawanedo platform and financial plans are presented in a user-friendly and easily comprehensible manner.

Client data is stored in the application for future use with new advice situations, events, and opportunities. The information can be provided to customers as unique cards that display a logical presentation of stored, calculated or communicated user data.

Agilis Financial Planning

The application is available both on a desktop as well on Surface Tables! This unique interface makes it easier to sit clients down and take them visually through the planning exercise.

Niche Sub Modules are available to suit your needs:Agilis Surface Table

  • Actuarial & Life Insurance sub-module can be used for a wide range of life insurance and actuarial calculations.
  • Investment Risk Management sub-module can be used for risk assessment, investment simulations and financial products’ analysis.
  • Mortality Table Data Service sub-module provides the Mortality Table Data Service, a Web Service that accesses the latest mortality life tables per country and can act as a data feed for the Actuarial & Life Insurance Component.