Agilis DMAT is a solution that automates the Back office process for the Depository Operations of the Stock Broker / Banks acting as the Depository Participants. The solution helps automate the conversion of Physical shares to the Electronic form and vice-versa it interfaces with the Broker Back office system on one side and with the Depositories for transactional data on the other side. The solution helps in the daily entry and monitoring of transactional instructions which are received from the account holders for the transfer of shares.

Some of the corporate actions handled:

  • Bonus
  • Merger
  • Demerger
  • Split
  • Consolidation

Features of the Agilis DMAT Software:

  • Maker/Checker facility for Client Account creation and Instruction Punching
  • Various types of charges can be levied to the client
  • Scanning and storing of Signature of the account holders
  • Maintaining information about Delivery Instruction Book, Debarred Entity Master, etc
  • Sending of E-mails & SMS to Clients
  • Maintaining the ledger balances of the client accounts to enable blocking of transactions in case of shortfalls.
  • Export of reports to Word, HTML, RTF, PDF, XML, Delimited file, Excel file formats