Broker Back Office

Agilis Broker Backoffice is a solution that automates the complete Broker Back office operations.  It is capable of handling multiple asset types and multiple types of brokerage definitions for the customers.  The solution is capable of interfacing with the Securities Trading solutions and the Depository Operations solutions. Client contract Notes can be generated at individual trade level or at the summary level within the system.

Features of the Agilis Broker Back office are:

  • Facility to capture extended KYC details
  • Exhaustive Brokerage definition capabilities
    • One Side Brokerage
    • Delivery Brokerage
    • Minimum Brokerage
    • Turnover Brokerage
    • Scrip wise Brokerage
  • Multi Exchange / Multi Firm / Multi Asset Class (Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Listed Mutual Funds)
  • Auto Transactions Upload at predefined intervals
  • Multi level reporting up to 6 levels
  • Debtor / Creditor Ageing Analysis
  • Auto Bank reconciliation
  • Integrated GL
  • Drill down up to Transaction Level from Financial Accounts
  • Auto Email for important reports can be done
  • Electronic Contracts can be generated
  • SMS to the clients
  • Reports can be transferred to Excel, Word, PDF, XML, RTF format.
  • Report can be emailed using either Outlook, transferred using ODBC driver etc.