Company Profile


Agile Financial Technologies is led by captains of the industry who envisioned the creation of an unparalleled enterprise that would be an agile technology partner to leading players in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector.  Agile was formed by acquiring and merging strategic software products technology companies in the space of insurance and lending software.

We bring the energy and agility of a young enterprise, and the wisdom and rich experience that is given by a cumulative 45 operating years of the constituent enterprises that are now Agile Financial Technologies.

Our strategic intent is to serve enterprises in the BFSI sector with a paradigm shift in services delivery that would enable us offer a combination of our products and outsourcing services that will enable our client's businesses. We understand technology's strategic relevance to business, and provide solutions that allow our client's focus on their core business. Our state of the art facilities are oriented to provide for the outsourcing of our client's business processes and back office, thus enabling them focus on their core business.