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Enhance your client’s wealth
The philosophy of Agilis Wealth Management is just that – to enable you to manage the wealth of your clients and in the process create “more” wealth for them and for yourself.
We understand your need to offer that extra touch to client relationships – hence Agilis WM offers you a unique platform that lets you gain a 360° view of your investors and manage them in the first degree!
Presenting Agilis Wealth Management:
  • Relationship Management & KYC – setting the essential foundation
  • Financial Planning – understanding your clients’ risk appetite and needs
  • Asset Class Coverage – across Equity, Debt, Money Market, Fund, Derivative, Real Estate, Art & other Alternative assets
  • Asset Allocation – developing personalized wealth management solutions
  • Portfolio Management – discretionary & non-discretionary, whatever the need
  • Model Portfolio – benchmarking to indices or your own models
  • Analytics – empowering you with vital technical analysis
  • Risk Management – compliance with regulatory & internal policies and limits
  • Trade Order Management – workflow driven for ease and speed to match pace with markets
  • Valuation – Mark to Market & notional/realised profit/loss management
  • Portfolio Rebalancing – guiding you back on track with Trade Recommendations
  • Fee Management – flexible fee plans can be derived as a function of various market & internal factors
  • Performance Measurement – tracking, Performance Attribution, Portfolio Volatility Calculation, Risk Return Ratios, detailed  analysis and Portfolio Fact Sheets
  • Reporting – powerful MIS and queries at the touch of a button