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The relatively new concept of Micro-Insurance has been on continuous rise for the last decade and is attracting larger amounts of people than ever. Based on the concept of risk-pooling, it can be spread through various networks and channels to ensure the maximum client reach.

AGILIS Micro Insurance solution caters to major of micro-insurance distribution channels:microins

  • Through partners/ agents
  • Through Provider networks (hospitals, HMOs)
  • Community-based channels
  • Micro-finance channels

Some of AGILIS Microinsurance Features are:

  • Ability to create tailor-made products servicing needs of varied customer segments:
    • Health/ Medical Products
    • Accident benefits
    • Loss of Assets Products
    • Agricultural Insurance
    • Packages covering Lifestock/ crops/ housing/ motor, etc.
  • Improve policy-holder satisfaction, leading to higher renewal percentage and faster market expansion through:
    • Fast and timely claims-servicing, simplified procedures
    • Better contact with the insured through door-step insurance using hand-held devices for member registration, premium payment, renewals, etc.
    • Cash-less systems through tie-up with hospitals, providers, etc.
  • Reduce cost of selling though effective utilization of various distribution channels

For more information, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternately, you could fill in our product enquiry form enabling us to have the right person contact you.